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Born from the common passion of a group of friends for the mountains and cycling, Feltrebiketour operator has a goal: to share with those who do not yet know the richness of this area. Through its mountains, its flavors, its history. And there is nothing better, to truly appreciate the valley of Feltre and Belluno, than to ride a bike and enjoy the splendor in nature, nature that here give views of majesty and beauty unique in the world.
An ancient city, with an illustrious past, institutional headquarters of the Park of the Belluno Dolomites, Feltre offers an infinite range of excursions by mountain bike for all types of cyclists. From families who through cycle paths and dirt roads will have the opportunity to see breathtaking scenery, to more experienced bikers who can try their hand at climbing and descending ALL MOUNTAIN and ENDURO with different levels of difficulty.
A professional guide, part of the National Academy of Mountain Bike Guides, will accompany you along the way, allowing you to enjoy your excursions in complete serenity.


Feltre bike tour aims to spread the practice of MTB:
aware that the cycling activity takes place in a delicate environment and consequently is committed to respecting it and reducing, as far as possible, the impact related to their passage.
Aware that the paths are "a common good", are therefore committed to their maintenance, independently, in collaboration with other groups, associations, or users to promote knowledge of the places and the territory of Dolomiti (and not only), its history and its culture, supporting and enhancing the economic and social resources present in it.
We are committed to respecting other users of the environment, especially pedestrians, paying attention when they meet them on the trails, slowing down, and stopping when necessary.
We are committed during the outings, to pay attention to the needs and pace of all, especially the slowest, favoring the group rather than the "solitary escapes.
We are committed to spreading the culture of MTB at 360 ° promoting, in addition to the bike trips also meetings, conferences, training evenings, comparison, and study.


United by the passion for cycling, as an engine and a source of inspiration for the discovery and protection of the beauty of our territory, the National Park of the Dolomites Feltre, Feltre bike tour promotes the development and dissemination of cycling culture in all its forms in our area. Feltre bike promotes tours for families and mtb enthusiasts of all levels, combining sport, nature and food, and wine, with an eye to youth training, but also to the management of a formidable Senior sector, as well as an increasingly present pink quota that approaches this practice.

Experiential tourism

The vacation has been transformed from essentially recreational and regenerative moments to interactive practice to live the individuality of emotions, the subjectivity of experiences. Feltre bike tour is proposed as a vehicle to offer its customers and associates vacations related to the discovery of the territory of the flavors and people through a means such as cycling.  A way to live an experience in an ecological, quiet, friendly, and economical way, to easily establish relationships with people and places, to explore and enjoy the landscapes, to approach with a spirit of adventure small and large historical, cultural, and natural heritage.

Sport, culture, tourism, and enogastronomy

Feltre is a historic city full of vitality. Spending a vacation in Feltre means diving into sports, events, nature, history, and art: international sporting events such as the "Giro delle Mura", or more characteristic events such as the Palio of Feltre or the Craft Show. In addition, there are the green trails and itineraries in the Dolomiti Feltrine National Park and frescoed palaces.
Staying in Feltre in summer allows attending many events, first of all, the Giro delle Mura, an international road race that takes place at night in August in the city center, a spectacular and exciting challenge that attracts many fans every year.
Still on a sporting level, in June, the Granfondo Campagnolo kicks off, a cycling competition that takes participants to cover 216 km of the long route through the Valle del Mis, between climbs and descents, with a total elevation gain of 5,000 meters, or 119 km of the medium route with 2,000 meters of elevation gain. Or the Rugby Festival with matches and lots of entertainment.
For those who want to try their hand at sport even in winter, the Belluno-Feltre race takes place every year in February.
There is also a dip in history and art with the Palio of Feltre, a historical pageant with music, dancing, parades, challenges between the districts, and horse races; and the Exhibition of Artistic and Traditional Craftsmanship dedicated to woodworking and wrought iron.

Feltre, city to discover

Feltre is a beautiful town, a bit Trento and a bit Venice, but with a strong local identity, surrounded by the beautiful Dolomites of Belluno and lapped by the river Piave. An enchanting place, perhaps not very touristy, but ideal for a relaxing vacation and in some ways more authentic, more experienced.
A destination to discover and see, with proposals for both nature lovers and those who love good food. We are in the area where the famous Pedavena beer is born and close to gastronomic gems such as the Lamon beans and the Prussian Faller apple.



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